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Looking Through


Professional Murder Music is a band who will instantly demand comparisons to Filter, Coal Chamber, Marilyn Manson, Drowning Pool and others in the scary, gothic nu-metal genre. In terms of how they compare to such acts, PMM is actually a pretty darn solid act.

Looking Through is much more enjoyable than anything I’ve ever heard from Coal Chamber or Marilyn Manson, as both of those bands seem more bent on image than anything else. On several of the tracks here (“Don’t Stop,” for example), the vocalist sounds like the lead singer of the Deftones. I really like this effect, as the guitars are scraping and quite thick, making such a vocal style totally fit. The guitars are the stars of this album; they punish throughout, even when things become somewhat corny (there are only so many different ways to do this aggressive, guitar-heavy goth-metal stuff). The drums don’t get enough of the spotlight. They seem buried in the mix; the drummer is a very hard hitter, and the album would have greatly benefited from having him in the forefront.

Personally, I will forget this record and never listen to it again. I find it incredibly boring and pointless. Yet, I know that some people out there are really into this genre, so, for them, I think this would be a good buy. The only question I have is, why aren’t more teenage nu-goth types sporting these guys’ t-shirts? This band is better than the majority of others playing this type of music! Highly recommended for the black-clothed teenager just learning to hate the world.

Professional Murder Music:

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