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Generation of the Numb


Having heard Supercell’s previous demo, Five Degrees Left of Normal, and proclaimed them to be one of the best unsigned rock bands in America, I have been eagerly expecting new material from them, and Generation of the Numb has not altered my opinion about the band’s immense talent.

Somewhat disappointingly, Generation of the Numb features only three new tracks, plus the excellent trio “Flying,” “Walk Away” and “Brand New Day” from Five Degrees Less Than Normal. But Supercell obviously believe in the maxim of “all killer, no filler,” such is the quality of the new material.

Opener “Andy Warhol” bursts out of the blocks with a more powerful edge than on the band’s earlier songs, and the fantastic title track is one of the best modern rock anthems I’ve heard this year, proving once more Supercell’s ability to pen great songs. “Shine,” the final new offering, is another infectious rocker that should have the major label talent scouts salivating.

They’ve shared the stage with Bowling For Soup, Sheryl Crow, Something Corporate and Dishwalla, now surely the time has come for Supercell to make the step up to the big time themselves. Generation of the Numb could well be the final push label execs need.


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