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Grabass Charlestons

The Greatest Story Ever Hula’d

No Idea Records

Grabass Charlestons recall images of a time long gone, back when skuzzy punk rock was the “in” flavor; when just about every band worth listening to sounded like Fear. Today’s kids will probably compare The Greatest Story Ever Hula’d to the likes of Leatherface, or a more sincere Dropkick Murphys. Any way you want to look at it, though, this album rocks from start to finish.

I envision The Greatest Story Ever Hula’d sounding especially good during a long car ride – possibly to an out of town show – where all in the car will enjoy singing along to these very triumphant tunes. Fists will pump with each powerful cymbal crash! All will make their voices sound raspy, just like Grabass Charlestons’ Will Thomas! The Hot Water Music-sounding guitars will make the fury even more chaotic, as everyone in the car will enjoy their friends and the wonderful thing that is a classic punk rock record.

This album doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it gives it a nice sheen and some sparkly rims. Fans of late-1980s NY beer-core will really enjoy these guys, as will the fan of anything straight-forward and rockin’.

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