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Maxeen -wt Maxeen -wl Side One Dummy -wf Holy Crap! These guys have “Future Major Label Millionaires” written all over their foreheads. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard such an infectious, instantly singable, fun and exciting pop record! -wm Maxeen waste no time establishing themselves on their self-titled debut. The first track, “Please,” sounds like a cross between early Police, latter day Cars, with a dash of Weezer. The guitars play a weird looping melody which dances in circles before giving way to an almost reggae sounding staccato, while the drums push and kick from behind. The vocalist has an urgent cry in his voice as he yells “please!” It’s a great song. It’s difficult to believe that these guys aren’t already on a major label after hearing just the first song. -wm The rest of the album follows in similar fashion, with pounding drums, urgent vocals, warm and mildly distorted guitars and an overall feel of the early 1980s major label new wave scene. “Love Goes a Long Way” really gives me an idea of what The Police might have sounded like had they formed within the last few years, rather than the late ’70s. The boys in Maxeen really play up the angular musicianship of reggae and post-punk, creating a really unique sound. The entire album isn’t reggae infused pop-punk, so don’t pigeon-hole them. The fact of the matter is that these guys are really freakin’ good, and this is the kind of record that fans of Weezer, Get Up Kids and other pop-based emo bands will absolutely love. Also, fans of most of the new wave of Doghouse Records bands will enjoy Maxeen. Were I rating in numbers, this would get a 10 out of 10, easily. -wd Side One Dummy: -wb Daniel Mitchell

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