Volcano, I’m Still Excited

Volcano, I’m Still Excited!

Volcano, I’m Still Excited!


Volcano, I’m Still Excited! have one of the weirdest names out there. They play pop music driven mainly by keyboard melodies, with guitars providing an ample backbone to the charming vocal constructs.

The songs on this, their self-titled full length debut, are well constructed and instantly hook the listener in the same way that, say, Weezer does. Their sound is similar to Elvis Costello or Koufax in that the keyboards drive the music and the vocals are urgent, yet the overall sound is kept somewhat soft. It’s fun nevertheless. This stuff is indie-pop at its purest and sweetest core. Fans of pop music will eat this up and politely request seconds.

Polyvinyl Records: http://www.polyvinylrecords.com/

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