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Swarm of the Lotus

When White Becomes Black

At A Loss

Combining equal parts stoner, sludge, math and death, Swarm of the Lotus is an up and coming new star in the dark realm of terrifyingly heavy music.

From start to finish, When White Becomes Black kicks my ass much in the same way that Dillinger Escape Plan’s first full length did. There appears to be nothing that SOTL can’t do. Their vocalist screams at a high pitch, yet his tone is low, making a rather horrific noise. The guitars remind me of Botch or Mastodon, and the drummer is a machine, shifting time signatures left and right, and hitting extremely hard the entire time. Overall, these songs feel dark, plodding and basically hopeless, all making for the perfect recipe of anger and disgust!

This is my first experience with SOTL, and I’m really stunned. Fans of the heavier side of life will embrace this album with open arms; poseurs will cower in fear, as this is a highly abrasive and intimidating album. A+!

P.S. The cover artwork is really gorgeous, as well. Take a look online if you get a chance.

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