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Where Iron Crosses Grow

Karmageddon Media

Holy crap! You’d better get ready for some bruises and other bodily injuries if you’re planning to listen to Where Iron Crosses Grow. This is one hundred percent destructive, crushing and bowel loosening death metal!

Dismember has been going at it since 1988, giving them a good deal of experience to put behind their riffs and fills. You may be thinking that a band 16 years strong probably lost their steam long ago, as is often the case in the metal world. Well, much like Slayer, Entombed and The Crown, Dismember shows us that aging doesn’t always equal becoming wussy. Some nice additions to this Dismember record are the thicker and heavier than thou guitars, packed with so much low end that a bass guitar isn’t necessary. In all my years of listening to records, I have never heard guitars as devastatingly heavy as those on this album; this is no exaggeration! The tone of the guitars alone makes this one worth buying. It doesn’t hurt, though, that the drums are nice and high in the mix, adding to the steamroller effect on the songs. The vocalist is actually the only member of the band to show his age. His growl, which is still quite effective, sadly isn’t as frightening as it once was.

With Where Iron Crosses Grow, Dismember make the best music of their career. I’ve owned a few of their eight releases, all from different eras of death metal; I was never completely blown away like I am by this record. Metalheads, if you don’t already have this one, go out and get it. I guarantee you’ll not think your money was wasted.

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