Fire Divine

Fire Divine

Fire Divine

Deep Elm

It’s All a Blur is the latest from Fire Divine, and it’s got a lot more testosterone than the majority of releases on the Deep Elm label these days. This band is kind of like the poor man’s Thursday. They take the screamy aspects of Thursday and combine them with the guitar-heavy antics of Samiam.

There’s only so much you can get to know about a band in four songs, as is the case with this EP. For the most part, the tracks are very dramatic and fairly powerful, but the vocalists borrow way too much from mainstream screamo bands like Thursday (there’s one guy who sings while another screams in the background — a trick popularized for the masses on Braid’s Frame & Canvas). With that said, though, these guys rock out in a major way. The guitars are super heavy, the drums are loud and proficient and the overall feel is one of urgency and spasm (except for the boring “We Ride On Sunbeams,” which sounds like a Juliana Theory b-side). I recommend at least one listen before you throw these guys in the pile of poseurs.

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