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Per Second, Per Second, Per Second…Every Second


There comes a time in every band’s career when they reach the zenith of their ability and finally define their sound in emphatic, triumphant fashion. Per Second Per Second Per Second…Every Second is that moment for Wheat.

From the first bars of the gloriously upbeat and anthemic “I Met A Girl,” it’s clear the promise Wheat hinted at on their 1998 debut indie single “Death Car” has been fulfilled in spades with this pop gem of an album.

Singer/guitarist Scott Levesque has suddenly discovered a sunny disposition to replace a seriously introspective demeanor, and it’s written all over tunes like “These Are The Things” and “Some Days,” making for some of the most enduring contemporary pop-rock you’ll hear for a long time. Even though no two songs sound the same, each track shares Wheat’s trademark edgy vibe and left-of-center melodies, as demonstrated by the outstanding “Breathe For Me Now” and the infectious “Go Get The Cops.”

“World United Already” is another statement of intent: a sure-fire radio hit, but also a song true to Wheat’s past and present. “Hey, So Long Ohio” is a slice of cerebral pop examining the perennial Wheat theme of suburbia. “Can’t Wash It Off” continues the diversity with an almost honky tonk vibe and a typically original rhythm.

Wheat has dared to make an album that pushes boundaries and will remain valid for a long time to come, even while the band wrestles with the problem of how to somehow improve on it next time around. Essential.


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