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Made of Flesh

Metal Balde

This is quality stuff, folks. When I think of heavy, droning death metal, Made of Flesh is the kind of album I want to hear. There’s nothing fancy or showy about the seventh record from the borderline legendary Fleshcrawl, it’s very much in keeping with their history of making albums true to form: evil, powerful, plodding and entirely destructive!

From the opening moments of Made of Flesh, it’s clear that Fleshcrawl have only gotten better with age (they’ve been around now for seventeen years). The opening track, “Beneath a Dying Sun,” is a mid-tempo stomper which showcases the lead vocalist’s awesome guttural growl. The guitars have a certain droning sheen to them, as if they were played on aluminum guitars. The riffs on this track are really hard-hitting and memorable, the kind that I find myself making with my mouth while walking the aisles of the grocery store. The rest of the album features some sped up grinders, a few more mid-tempo plodders and an overall feel of helplessness and devastation. Hip hip, hooray!

This is one that I’ll be enjoying for several weeks to come, for sure. It’s already owned my CD player for the last couple of days. I’ve fallen for it, big time; I guess you could say that Made of Flesh had me at “hello.”

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