Lock and Key

Lock and Key

No Fate

Deep Elm

Don•t let the numerous comparisons to Small Brown Bike and Hot Water Music fool you into thinking that Lock & Key is just another post-hardcore sound-alike band. Though the surface may seem familiar, if you dig a little deeper, you•ll quickly find that this band has their own identity. No Fate is the perfect vehicle to showcase that identity. The seven song EP blisters by in under 25 minutes, leaving you wanting more. Here•s to hoping that their full length album will be able to capture that same energy for a longer period of time.

“Independence Game” starts the set off fast and loud, with guitars crunching and the rhythm section laying down a heavy beat. “Provocation” closes the disc with a timing that is slightly off, further emphasizing the exceptional guitar work. These guys can play, and this EP is incredibly full of music, bursting with special touches, be they fast and choppy riffs, melodic breakdowns, or dueling guitar licks. They also have the angry-yet-able-to-carry-a-tune vocals so often missing in the genre to perfectly complement their playing. It•s not all gold, but the worst I can say about their lesser songs is that they are ineffectual and inoffensive. If you are tired of the stuff MTV is trying to pass off as punk these days, buy this EP and support this band.

Deep Elm: www.deepelm.com/

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