Sanford Arms

Sanford Arms

Sanford Arms

The Twilight Era

Blue Disguise

Ben London, former leader of Alcohol Funnycar, won’t be condemned for beating you over the head with his new band, Sanford Arms. Instead, the group’s low-key presentation – which at times harkens to the Pernice Brothers – is a lulling blanket of sound and word, full of wistfulness and longing while displaying a minor Flaming Lips sonic streak. On songs such as “Ocean,” electric piano, acoustic guitars and bells combine to create a surprisingly strong statement, considering the component parts. The entire record is like this: deeper than first impressions lead you to believe, with a muted urgency, or in the case of “Wallpaper,” not muted at all. This record doesn’t have a good beat, and you probably can’t dance to it. But you really won’t care. It sounds like smooth ice cream for the ears. Yumm.

Sanford Arms:

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