Straight 7″


Tsar is a loud, raunchy sounding rock band that plays in-your-face numbers with lots of power and aggression. Both of the tracks on this 7″ drop the power bomb from the opening notes, and don’t let up until the songs are over.

While their music and sound are not original in the least, there’s something to be said about a band that can make your pulse actually raise upon first listen. The guitars are super crunchy, the drums are heavy and hard hitting and the vocalist is a total spazz, screaming/singing away as the band goes completely nuts. You see, to me, this is what garage style rock & roll is supposed to be: fierce, obnoxious and intimidating. When I listen to the likes of White Stripes, The Strokes and other current “garage darlings,” I hear watered down wussiness. Tsar does it right on this 7″, and I look forward to hearing their full length on Hollywood Records.

Birdman Records: www.birdmanrecords.com

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