The Sound of the Crowd

Is it true? About Al?

Mark Evanier has a little review of Al Franken’s talk radio show here; as usual he makes some points well worth taking.

I especially liked “I think it’s a sign of weakness to avoid other viewpoints. It’s like an insecure business tycoon surrounding himself with “Yes Men” who tell him what he wants to hear.”

I want to believe “the other side” is more than just evil and treacherous–but faced with with the examples of what I consider to be evil and treachery among our leaders and the media, it’s not always easy.

Anyway, I also like Al Franken, especially his books, and like Mark I’ve been liking the newly televised version of his show on Sundance, although I admit I usually have to watch with remote in hand. When the talk gets too policy-wonky, when I begin to fear that Franken like other Democrats is focusing on the minutia and missing the “bigger picture” in which Bush wraps himself…well, then I usually have to switch over to Dave Letterman.

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