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The Umbrella Sequence

The Umbrella Sequence

Sparkler Cliche

Ohev Records

Wow! What a pleasant surprise! I had put off reviewing Sparkler Cliché for quite some time, as the cover artwork is rather dull and uninspiring. What a mistake that was! The Umbrella Sequence is one of the coolest bands that I’ve heard in some time. I must remember to never judge a book (or CD, for that matter) by its cover.

Imagine if Radiohead, while on tour supporting O.K. Computer, decided to replace Thom Yorke with Chrissy Hynde, and during this transition, they took a few cues from Mineral and Boys Life to become the most majestic sounding emo/indie outfit in the world. This is The Umbrella Sequence!

The songs here are long, wandering and full of emotions. The predominant instruments of choice are guitars and synthesizers, but they’re played in varying manner, similar to their use on O.K. Computer. Every instrument seems either to be twinkling or growling, all leading to something rather curious and wonderful. I love Sparkler Cliché. It is one of the most spectacular releases of 2004.

By the way, the vocalist is a guy. I hope I don’t offend him by comparing him to Chrissy Hynde.

The Umbrella Sequence:

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