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The Calling



It’s been a tumultuous couple of years for The Calling. The band’s debut single, “Wherever You Will Go,” became a worldwide hit and radio staple, and then during the recording of the follow-up album to Camino Palermo, vocalist Alex Band and guitarist Aaron Kamin were sued by former bandmates desperate for a slice of the royalties the album, singles and tours generated.

So, has all this squabbling impeded the creative process of crafting that difficult sophomore album, or has it inspired Band and Kamin even more?

The answer, emphatically, is the latter. Quite simply, Two is even more slick, polished and enjoyable than its predecessor. Once again teaming up with producer Marc Tanner, the duo – with the assistance of some illustrious session men – has come up with some truly memorable songs, such as first single, “Our Lives,” and the epic “Things Will Go My Way.” The album’s finest moments, such as the hard-driving “Anything,” the brilliant “Believing” and U2-esque opener “One By One” may be reserved for the first half of the record, but such is their quality, it hardly seems to matter.

With the emphasis firmly on killer melodies and a tight, clean sound, Two is one of the best modern rock albums of 2004, without doubt.

The Calling:

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