The Warriors

The Warriors

The Warriors

War is Hell


Grrr! The Warriors are here, and it’s time to pretend that it’s the early 1990s all over again! War is Hell is an aggressive album of in-your-face protest of the highest caliber. The entire album is soaked in mid-tempo jud-jud-eee-chugga-chugga whatever shenanigans.

If I was fifteen again, I would think that these guys were the greatest band in the history of the world. There’s so much raw power and anger on this album that it seeps out of the speakers. The guitars are really Marshall stack sounding, but in a good, warm way, the drummer sounds a lot like the drummer from Hatebreed and the vocalist, who sounds a lot like Zach De La Rocha, is a total spazz.

Final verdict: awesome, energetic angry chugga-core that I feel I’m too old to get into.


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