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Desert City Soundtrack / Settlefish / Sounds Like Violence

Desert City Soundtrack / Settlefish / Sounds Like Violence


Deep Elm

Hey! This is a fun little three way split from the folks at Deep Elm. What a good idea!

The two songs from Sounds Like Violence are jangly, and not as “emo” as one might expect. Each song builds pretty well, and the music is good, but the vocalist’s voice is way too high in the mix – not to mention that he is way off key.

Settlefish’s songs are the best ones here. They sound kind of like a slowed down version of Since By Man and Drive Like Jehu. There’s mathy, boxy drums, overdriven guitars, screaming and other bizarreness. Fun stuff!

Desert City Soundtrack offers up two songs of wandering emo stuff, with strained vocals and directionless depression. It’s ok stuff, but I can’t get into these two songs.

This EP is a fun little idea, with a batch of decent bands. You really can’t go wrong with this one.

Deep Elm:

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