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Southern Lord

I’ve never been a big fan of the “Poo” Fighters. They’ve always left me confused: Are they rock? Pop? Or some kind of suck-ass amalgamation?

However, I do have an immense appreciation for Dave Grohl. While it would be easy for him to rest on his grunge-legend laurels, the guy just keeps going and going. And something that’s pretty evident about him is that he loves making music, whether it’s with his new band, Probot, or jammin’ with Queens of the Stone Age and Tenacious D.

Grohl’s love of music comes to a head on Probot, his paean to death metal. And while there’s always skepticism that when a big name dips into a not-so-big pond the product will be watered down, such is not the case here.

Grohl wrote all the music specifically tailored to each vocalist, his hard-rockin’ heroes, and let them come up with their own lyrics. The result is a disc that rocks like few have ever rocked before – or at least in recent years.

The collaboration with Lemmy, “Shake Your Blood,” sounds like a classic Motorhead song; you know, the kind that should come with a label: “Warning. This Is Going to Kick Your Ass!” And the songs don’t only thrash along. There’s also some that have that deep, heavy groove going on, such as the track with Lee Dorrian of Napalm Death fame, “Ice Cold Man.”

Probot is not only an ultimate fan tribute, it’s also a damn fine death metal album that can hold its own against any out there.

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