Night Light

Favorite Street

“We were traveling while we were sleeping/I slept through a country and woke up with you,” Hitchhike’s Kyle Barnett sings on the Globe Trekker anthem “I’m Not Tired.” I have to love a song about bumming around foreign countries, sleeping cheap on the night trains and looking for adventure. The song is propelled by shuffling rhythms and sinewy guitar leads. It’s followed by “It’s You and Me,” which uses it’s mildly psychedelic guitar textures to emulate the feeling of driving all night. I’m hooked on this disc, since travel and long road trips are things with which I’m intimately acquainted. These two songs could be the soundtrack to important segments of my life.

There is more to Night Light than songs for weary travelers. “Ceremony Three” uses a Big Star-ish pallet with John Alderson’s abstract meditation on relationships. I’m not exactly sure what he’s trying to say with references to things seen from space and Kennedy’s face, but it sounds good. That’s one of the nice things about Night Light, it invites close listening, because there are curious sounds floating around in the background. This is a small record that has been lovingly crafted, rewarding those who get lost in the headlight hallucinations of Hitchhike’s late night ramblings.

Hitchhike: www.hitchhikemusic.com

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