Truth to Power

Parents, read up

This is scary, PK Dick style. Fed’s wanna test your kids mental health. Uh, hell no? Read on…


Congress has funded the development of a plan for mandatory mental

health screening of all school children. The purpose of this screening

will be to determine which children should be prescribed powerful

psychiatric drugs.

If this new program moves forward parents will lose control over

mental health decisions involving their children.

And children will face having evidence of psychiatric disorders added

to their permanent record.

This program is being promoted, as usual, to “save the children,” but

the scientific questions involved in childhood mental health

“problems” such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) are extremely

unsettled. There is intense scientific debate about the validity of

these disorders.

Worse still, no one fully knows the long term health effects of

administering powerful drugs to developing brains. The already known

side effects of these drugs can be severe. Two deaths have already

been attributed to Ritalin prescribed to children.

Parents and children stand to lose from this new federal program. So

who benefits? Big pharmaceutical companies that help fund political

campaigns. Fortunately, Representatives Ron Paul and Tom Feeney are riding to the rescue.

They have introduced The Parental Consent Act of 2005 (HR 181) to

counter this emerging threat. This bill would de-fund the mental

health screening program. This bill needs your support. Please go to and click on the icon for the campaign

titled, “No Child Left Un-drugged.”

Then, you can use the easy Electronic Lobbyist system to send your

representatives a message to support HR 181. If you’re a first time

user, please note that you need to insert your own, easy-to-remember,

password. Do not let the system assign one to you!

After you’ve made your voice heard, please forward this message to

other concerned parents and taxpayers.

Jim Babka

President, Inc.

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