The Sound of the Crowd

Silly republicans

Ok, I said something kind of harsh about republicans yesterday. I said most of them were hypocritical scumbags. Perhaps I shouldn’t have said that. Certainly men and women of good will can honestly disagree on medical issues.

Oh. Except that isn’t what’s happening. What’s happening is things like Hannity & Scarborough falsely claiming that one of the doctors on the Republican side is a Nobel Prize nominee. I expect idiocy from Hannity, but I gotta tell ya, I’m a little disappointed in Scarborough.

So perhaps I should have corrected my previous statement to “Most republicans are lying, hypocritical scumbags.” But no, surely that can’t be true. In a party that big, indeed, the “big tent” party, there must be public servants who are not too chickenshit to speak or vote their conscience.

And why look! Here they are! And all it seems to have taken is overwhelming polling data that says Americans don’t agree with them on this!

So, in the name of fairness and decency, I retract my previous statement. Most republicans are not hypocritical scumbags. Most republicans are power-mad, lying hypocritical scumbags.

I feel much better.

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