Ruined It For You

Narnack Records

Indie rock at its worst – loud, disorganized, clever for cleverness sake and just interesting enough to keep you listening to where they might be going, even if you couldn’t care less where they’ve just been. It’s actually better to be completely bad; that way people don’t feel guilty for not liking the band. When you’re fairly OK, it creates guilt and stress – you know you OUGHT TO like them, but you know you don’t.

OK, let’s review the coolness points: female singer (Heather Newkirk), cute play-on-words name, band members kicked out of a few bands you might know (Breeders, Guided By Voices) and retro cover art. Uncoolness points: bland lyrics, no sign of a hook, Heather stretches her voice too far and it hurts, and it doesn’t get much better with a second or third play. I class this with the sort of records you buy from your friends when they have a band. It’s not that the record is great, but they ARE friends, and friends buy each others discs.

Narnack Records:

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