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A Simple Request – Put My Son’s Name on a Bomb

04/30/03 A retired New York City Police Department Sergeant lost his son on 9/11 at the WTC. He contacted the Marines requesting his son’s name (Jason Sekzer) be written on one of the bombs we drop on Baghdad. To his surprise, Will received the following e-mail and 3 photos from Major Joe Boehm stationed in Kuwait. Gotta love our troops…..

This story is a graphic reminder of the effect of disinformation on a grieving public. Granted, I’m not a father who has lost a son, thank god, nor am I a military man who might get such a request. But one could wish that at some point in this trail of email someone would have written to the father stating “Your sons death had nothing to do with why we are in Iraq, so putting his name on a bomb here would be inappropriate.”

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