Ass End Offend

Ass End Offend

Ass End Offend

Character Assassins

Wantage USA

Here’s a band that’s been ripping up the Montana Punk Rock skateboard scene. What? Skateboards in Montana? Say it ain’t so — Big Sky Country is the last vestige of unspoiled Cowboy America, except for those guys on snowboards. Maybe that’s where this music of the devil snuck in. I’ll say this for AEO: they’re consistent. Each song seems to feature the exact same thrash guitar chords, the same mono-beat guitar line and any understanding of the lyrics comes from the handy liner notes, not from the earphones.

Ass End Offend provides a solid wall of sound, suitable for moshing and head banging and breaking limbs just to impress your buddies, never mind the girls. This sort of sound has been around for decades, and while AEO does a good job of rendering it, they don’t seem to push any boundaries or add anything to the genre. There’s the novelty angle of hailing from Missoula, Montana; but they could have come out of Wausau, Wisconsin or Liberal, Kansas.

Ass End Offend:

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