Cindy Alexander

Cindy Alexander

Cindy Alexander

Angels and Demons

JamCat Records

This LA singer/songwriter has been turning heads and wowing audiences in places as far afield as Germany since her debut release See Red, and with this, her third release on her own record label, I’m slightly bemused to note that she is still an indie artist. But Alexander knows all too well she doesn’t need the politics, empty promises and recoupable advances of the major label world to succeed, as Angels and Demons demonstrates.

I was certain “I’m So Sad That You’re Happy” from Alexander’s previous album, Smash, would catapult her to success, but she has delivered another song that could just do that this time around. “Immortal” began life as an acoustic ballad, but has been energized into a terrific rocker with an irrepressible melody. It’s a hit waiting to happen. The rest of Angels And Demons is not overshadowed by “Immortal,” though, and the delicate ballad “Softer,” the uptempo “Unavailable Billy” and brilliant closing track “Grace” are all highlights. The poignant “Four Hours” is another example of Alexander’s knack for lyrics and a memorable melody, while the rocking “Better When I’m Broken” takes an interesting twist with a jazzy mid-section.

Angels and Demons is slick, professional and ahead of the game. Whether or not a major deal comes her way, she is living proof that success in the music industry can be achieved on her own terms.

Cindy Alexander:

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