Truth to Power

Quick wrapup

It would be extremely easy to write a nice rant about this entire Newsweek/Koran mess, but in the end, it’s quicker to say only this:

Newsweek tried, 15 died.

Bush lied, thousands died.

That’s really about the long and short of it. Newsweek attempted to show this country what is being done in their names to “those people”. The american people reacted- not in disgust at the actions of an out of control, racist government, but rather at having the 100 watt bulb of truth shined, however briefly, on our national shame. That cannot be allowed. Our myths must be defended, our faith allowed to remain clean of reality.

I am ashamed of a government that does this- from 9/11 to a fake “War on Terra” to our barbaric treatment of prisoners whose only crime is their place of birth. I’m ashamed to live among people to whom this is ok, and who hide behind the hollow lies of their faith in order to kill those who pray to a different god. Or none at all.


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