The New American Standard

Retrospect Records

I’ve previously hailed Supercell as one of the best unsigned rock bands in America, and the release of the band’s debut full-length only serves to reinforce that view. With The New American Standard, the band has toughened up their sound yet retained the ear for melody evidenced on their earlier EPs. The result is one of the best rock albums of 2005.

“Swept Away” opens the album and showcases the harder edge that Supercell has gained since new members Moonshine (drums) and Mark Sims (guitar) joined the ranks in 2004. It’s a fantastic rocker, and it more than validates the band’s decision to crank up the amps. “Everybody’s Anthem” demonstrates how the band achieves a balance between powerful riffs and stadium-filling choruses, while “Promises” is another belting song on which vocalist Jason Wheelington excels. The brilliantly scathing “Generation of the Numb,” the pure pop sensibilities of “Walk Away” and the radio-ready “Shine” are all given a new lease of life from earlier EP incarnations. Each fits effortlessly alongside newer material, such as the melodic “Perfect Part” and “Caroline.”

The New American Standard reveals a band with the songs, the look and the maturity necessary to finally take the leap from local heroes to the national stage. This is a band — and an album — you need to hear.


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