Truth to Power

If you want to stop terror…

Then stop being a terrorist, or so says Noam Chomsky and others.

The people killed in London yesterday, or in New York almost four years ago didn’t deserve to die because of their governments policies. Governments that we have scant- if any- ability to control. “We the People” can’t make law, enforce treaties, wage war, or set policy. Policy with results such as this:

“If you want to s-X189”

This was the main hospital in Fallujah. It was destroyed by US airstrikes in the runup to the near total destruction of that city. The official reason given for this war crime was that by destroying the primary source of medical help in a town ringed by tanks it would limit the amount of “propaganda” about civilian casulties being spread from the doctors.

No, you and I didn’t make this policy. No sane human being would. But yesterday in London, and sadly, again and again in the future, we will be the ones paying the cost. These are real people dying in Iraq. And they are just as innocent as those poor people unlucky enough to be riding a double decker bus in London, or an elevator in New York. This is not our way of life that is being protected. It is our governments. Yesterday people died, all around this planet, because their “leaders” lied.

What will you do to stop it?

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