Oh boo hoo

Oh boo hoo

Bush hasn’t even announced his SCOTUS pick yet, and already the right is bashing him. From a post on redstate.org:

I did NOT vote for Bush to get a “known unknown” like Clement
By: bwalters33 . Section: Diaries

The probable nomination of Edith Clement is absolutely terrible.
It is a violation of our President’s promise to nominate a strong conservative and strict constructionist. Clement is a complete unknown, a blank slate. She has no paper trail that shows that she has any views that we value. In this way she is just like Souter.

Clearly the President decided that he wanted to nominate a woman. Then why not Janice Rogers Brown or Edith Jones? They are clear, strong nominees whom we would have no questions about.

Does the President not care? Do Senate Republicans lack the courage to push through a Brown or Jones? Does Bush know a secret that none of us do?

Now we get to sit back and watch the liberal 527s tear into Clement for the next 6 weeks, and then spend the next 25 years with our fingers crossed – hoping that Clement isn’t another Justice who “grows in office”.

This is not what I bargained for when I supported President Bush.

Evidently, to a large section of the right wing, abortion is the only criteria worth mentioning. Sad.

And of course, anyone who says bush is naming his pick now, in order to distract from the Rove treason scandal, I say…

Good for you! You’ve obviously been reading TTP!

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