Truth to Power

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

When your party controls Congress, The White House and increasingly the Judicial branch (in fact, you wouldn’t be in power without them), the words of Lord Acton are again proving to be true.

Such as:

House leader Delay under indictment

Senate leader Frist under investigation by the SEC

Vice President’s Chief of Staff Scooter Libby named as Plame source, Miller released from jail, will testify after being allowed to by her source, Libby

Pentagon staffer and neo-con Doug Feith aide Larry Franklin cops a plea and admits to spying for Israel, and has ties to the phony Niger document that was used in the runup to the Iraqi war

Uber lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who has funneled money all over Congress, but mainly to Republicans, is linked to the gangland murder of a rival

Pentagon brushes aside carnage for porn pictures “investigation”, federal judge orders the release of Abu Ghraib pictures and video which are reported to show images of child rape

Michael Brown, political hack appointee, assists in the destruction of a major American city- one that just happens to be one of the few places of your opposition parties strength in the south

And this is just in the last month or so. The wheels are coming off the bus. It isn’t gonna be pretty (and in fact, it could get extremely ugly- for everyone), but damn, if we live thru it, we could perhaps have a chance of being governed by something other than a corrupt bunch of religious hypocrites bent on the destruction of government and the looting of all the resources of the world.


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