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Two looks at the march

Large amounts of people marched on Washington over the weekend, and yesterday Cindy Sheehan and 300 more got arrested protesting outside the White House.

Reactions from both sides have been predictable. The left sees the marches and arrests as the people “demanding…” – as if. As if a nation of cowering and/or distracted citizens can demand the largest military in the world to do anything. As if a group that can’t even unite behind the biggest and most vital issue facing us today- ending the war- without bringing up f’n Mumia or Roe v. Wade or, well, insert pet cause here. Focus, people. It ain’t about you.

And from the right, such as the single issue (roe) “conservative” blog, who had this to say:

They must be defeated at all costs. Their message must be discredited. They must be pushed back into the margins of history, having failed to accomplish anything more significant than getting Cindy Sheehan’s picture on the Drudge Report. If we allow them to succeed by failing in Iraq, we provide a vital foothold to a fifth column whose end is the destruction of this country through increments of moral decay.

This must never happen, no matter the cost.


Whew. That’s some lofty rhetoric. Lofty, and of course, fraudulent. And if you have to lie to make your point, well, then you don’t have a point to make. And since we know that although I’m sure there were a few anti-American yahoos at the marches, the majority of those there were people fed up with our nations ACTIONS- not our nation. And since I have in the past marched against the war, and I have no intention or desire to “destroy America”, then Leon and his greedy, prudish ilk at redstate are lying.

For a more rational view, try It’s Happening Now by Karen Kwiatkowski.

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