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Nah, couldn’t be like this…

Katrina may change Louisiana’s political balance

Christopher Swann

As the flood waters gradually recede in New Orleans, local Democrats are starting to worry that the storm may have washed away their strongest political base in the state.

Aside from inflicting lasting economic damage on the relatively impoverished southern state, Katrina may also end up changing Louisiana’s political complexion. The state has long been an isolated stronghold of Democrat power in the largely Republican South.</i>

Lets see. Florida gets 4 hurricanes last year, and after it everyone is praising the federal response- response to the point of paying people who suffered no damage from the storms. Gee, couldn’t be that Louisana is a blue state, and Florida red? Would there be any benefit to our ruling party to dilute the strength of LA, while pouring unrequested money into Florida, prior to an election?

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