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This Means Forever


Drop the Lime’s This Means Forever is the logical continuation of the imaginative, child-like albums of Kid Koala. It’s playful, hyperactive and sloppy; all of which should appeal to electro listeners who enjoy smirking irony mixed with youthful nostalgia. The album really doesn’t cultivate a particular sound; it’s more like an attitude with a number of disparate jumping-off points for DTL to explore new territory. The man has a deep affection for Looney Tunes, as he lifts a fair number of sound effects and music cues from the classics and then combines them with outlandish creations of his own, such as the diving board rattle glitch percussion on “Soundboy.”

At times, DTL’s ADHD becomes overwhelming, playing too much into the split-second culture he claims inspired/infected this album. The frenetic pace means that most samples aren’t given enough time to adequately latch on to the memory receptors, and thus slide by unnoticed. The disc’s best track, “Dubbio,” succeeds because DTL cools his jets momentarily to introduce the number with a slow, plucked melancholy melody that remains as an underpinning even when the track begins to spiral out of control. While this instance of playing against type reflects well on DTL’s scattershot sound, his choice to close the album with the lethargic, ambient hum of “Tivoli Clinic” undercuts much of the energy the rest of the disc radiates. Perhaps after loosing so much kinetic energy, he felt the need to store some up for his next project — but from the dance floor, it feels like a disorienting mistake.

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