New Mexican Erections

New Mexican Erections

New Mexican Erections


Nasty Cactus Music

Just so you get the joke, these guys started out as NME, phonetically “Enemy.” Cute, but that was taken, or maybe New Musical Express threatened them. New Mexican Erections combine loud thrash metal, weird space sounds and keep every needle on the sound board solidly in the red. Subtlety is not an option. Do they have lyrics? Sure, why not? They’re in there, lurking behind the guitar chords, ready to jump out and yell “BOO” at any unsuspecting little old lady. NME are pretty competent at what they do, even if there’s a guitar and drum line in the opening cut, “Invisible,” that sounds a bit like an old Chevy cranking unsuccessfully on a cold winter’s morn.

What’s interesting, in a perverse way, is the press release. It’s a standard history of five guys hooking up, getting gigs and getting drunk in southern New Mexico. We learn this album “isn’t just a collection of songs,” but an intimate look into the band’s collective minds. It also talks about all the last minute cancellations of gigs with other bands that haven’t quite made it yet. And best of all, it offers that now “more people will have the opportunity to come up with their own definition of the band.” Here’s mine: “another bunch of loud guys from nowhere.”

New Mexican Erection:

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