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The Bush Faction’s Future Victories are Already in the Bag </a>

By Chris Floyd

01/19/06 “Empire Burlesque” – – Things are looking a bit grim for the Bush Faction these days. Their chief bagman, Jack Abramoff, is in the clink, naming names. Their top congressional enforcer, Tom Delay, is in the dock, sinking fast. Their “war of choice” in Iraq has stalled in murderous quagmire. Their poll numbers are plummeting , as scandal after scandal – corruption, despotism, torture, incompetence, deceit – turn the American people against them. What then will be the fate of these brutal, bungling, bloodstained goons when they face the voters in the coming elections?

Why, victory, of course!

In fact, this year’s congressional races and the presidential contest in 2008 are already over, and the Bushists have won. It’s true that some of the candidates have not yet been chosen – including whatever front man the goon squad picks to replace the kill-crazy klutz from Crawford – but the vast machinery of electoral malfeasance that propelled this extremist faction to power over the wishes of the electorate in both 2000 and, yes, 2004, is not only still in place, it’s growing stronger all the time.</i>

Depressing, ain’t it?

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