Truth to Power

So, here’s the thing.

My, isn’t the human mind interesting. It can create great works of art, invent amazing technological advances, and all sorts of other wonderful things. Or, it can get altogether weird.

The SWOC* and I were having an outing, breakfast at our favorite diner, when we noticed people coming in with teddy bears and such. We asked our waitress about it, and she said it was a group of “baby fetish” people. They called themselves the Atlanta Internet Munch Group.

Upon arriving home, we looked ‘em up, and found this. They had this to say about their outing:

Wow! What an incredible munch! I really want to thank everyone who came out to the Atlanta Littles Munch today. We had more show than expected and actually had to add tables. All total 17 people made it out to this one….In addition to future munches, it seems there is the potential for a play party in the works.

Ok, you got your thing, I got my thing, everybody got a thing. But damn, this is some seriously goofy shit. Go read about ‘em. Adults who wear diapers, play with toys and enjoy getting their butts powdered.

This brings to mind one of my favorite memories of my dad, who didn’t really have much time for the rest of humanity. He and I were somewhere and he was ranting about whatever idiot he had encountered earlier in the day, and someone goes “But Gus, it takes all kinds…” to which my father replied:

No, it actually doesn’t.

Get ‘em Dad. You wanna act like a baby and play with toys in public? Rock on. But take your “I just peed myself”, diaper wearing, goofy ass “quirk” somewhere else. Stay out of my diner!

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