Oh jolly good then…

Oh jolly good then…

Blair in Secret Plot with Bush to Dupe U.N.

By Simon Walters

01/29/06 “Mail On Sunday” — — A White House leak revealing astonishing details of how Tony Blair and George Bush lied about the Iraq war is set to cause a worldwide political storm.

A new book exposes how the two men connived to dupe the United Nations and blows the lid off Mr Blair’s claim that he was a restraining influence on Mr Bush.

He offered his total support for the war at a secret White House summit as Mr Bush displayed his contempt for the UN, made a series of wild threats against Saddam Hussein and showed a devastating ignorance about the catastrophic aftermath of the war.

Based on access to information at the highest level, the book by leading British human rights lawyer Philippe Sands QC, Professor of Law at London University, demonstrates how the two men decided to go to war regardless of whether they obtained UN backing.

The revelations make a nonsense of Mr Blair’s claim that the final decision was not made until MPs voted in the Commons 24 hours before the war – and could revive the risk of him being charged with war crimes or impeached by Parliament itself.

I always wondered why they even made the pretense of going to the UN at all. You have to wonder if these smug bastards ever think that they will face judgement?

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