What we lost yesterday

What we lost yesterday

Because we only have one political party in the country- the money party- it was a virtual certainty that Samuel Alito would be confirmed to the US Supreme Court. Without an opposition party, Kerry and Kennedy’s feeble attempt at a filibuster died quicker than the new Heather Graham show- and anyone who expects Kerry, Kennedy et al to act in the public interest is mad as a hatter, btw-but what have we as a nation lost in this shifting of the court to the right? The answer ain’t womens rights, which aren’t going to go anywhere (too valuable as a recruiting tool for the GOP). No, its worse than that.

Read Alito – It’s the Constitution That’s At Stake . To wit:

Do we accept Madison’s vision of a nation in search of peace and with personal privacy intact, or do we embrace Sam Alito’s vision of questionable elections, concentration camps, spying on citizens to create an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty, repression of women’s and minority rights, and war without end?

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