EJ Sebian

EJ Sebian

EJ Sebian


Clocking in at just a tad over 30 minutes, this debut album from EJ Sebian wastes no time. In fact, after it was done the first time I felt a strong yearning for more. With a voice filled with soul and warmth, Sebian has the talent to leap forward into the mainstream; it helps, too, that the production on this record is as smooth as honey. The instrumentation and arrangements are all top-drawer. Although I wish it could’ve been longer, credit must given for quality control; there’s no filler here at all.

The New York-based Sebian has a depth in his spirit that is articulated well in his songs. This is no shallow R&B party album. He sings of life — its heartaches, its problems, but the joy of human existence as well. Thematically the CD is balanced. There is powerful social commentary (“Could It Be,” “SOS (Same Old Song)”) but a love letter or two as well.

But there’s more to Sebian than his words. The music here is laid back and cool as a spring afternoon in the park. Touches of jazz, R&B and pop blend together gorgeously, especially on the acoustic-flavored “Crazy.” The singing is melodic and distinct. Sebian isn’t copying anybody, which is refreshing in these clone-driven days.

EJ Sebian: www.ejsebian.com

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