Mann’s rules of life

Mann’s rules of life

From the old website:

Mann’s Rules For Life…

These are just some notions that came to mind one morning. If any of them make you angry, think about it.

1: If you have to take a cab to a minimum wage job, stop.

2: If you are using a interesting-charging credit card to buy groceries, stop.

3: If your town or city has more pawn shops and check cashing shops than gas stations, move.

4: If you understand the concept (from weekly practice) of “financial float”, it’s time to re-evaluate your monetary practices.

5: If the concept of a place that both cashes government checks and sells lottery tickets excites you, you are in dire straits.

6: If you have more than once in the last month gotten annoyed at your child for wandering out of eyesight in a public place, you need to rethink your parenting skills.

7: If your child wandering away in a public place doesn’t scare you, you shouldn’t be a parent.

8: If you feel late fees at Blockbuster are a rip, you are a loser.

9: If you ever have to make a choice between finishing dialing and using your turn signal, park the car.

10: If you have ever pondered how to cheat a babysitter out of money, stay home.

11: If you can’t leave work to attend a parent teacher conference, get a different job.

12: If you don’t want people to think you are a drug dealer, don’t wear a pager when manning the drive-thru line at Burger King.

13: If you are ever let go from a job because of fingernails, nose rings or dreadlocks, your boss was not a jerk.

14: If you spend $2 in gas looking for a $5 ATM, take stock of your life.

15: If you don’t want people to glare at you, don’t stand in front of doorways.

16. If child support laws are a factor in your choice of places to live, you should be sterilized.

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