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Finally, perhaps some good Georgia news…

Generally, when our fair state appears in the news, you can smell the Daisy Dukes and future “COPS” stars a mile away. But finally, news we can like:

Poll: Reed a drag on GOP ticket

A tough race for Sonny could be even tougher with Reed at his side. Or so sayeth the pollster.

On Monday, pollster Matt Towery raised Republican blood pressure with the news that President Bush’s approval ratings in Georgia had dropped significantly.

And that Gov. Sonny Perdue was no longer the shoo-in many thought he would be this November.

On Tuesday, the head of Internet political news service Insider Advantage cut loose another set of worrisome numbers for the state’s Republicans: Ralph Reed, the GOP candidate for lieutenant governor, at this point represents an 8-point drag on a Perdue-Reed ticket. </i>

Ha. Keep it up fellas.

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