Truth to Power

It shouldn’t continue to anger me…

this incessant lying on the part of our president, but still, how in the f are we supposed to make decisions about anything when the “information” spoon fed to us by King George is a lie?

Remember the story from yesterday, Bush’s new PR campaign to “sell” the war? (Glad to see the Mayberry Machiavellis had a plan for something concerning the war, since none appears evident in the news coming out of that poor country.) Anywho, Bush spoke at George Washington University yesterday and stated that our efforts in Iraq were being hampered by details of our plans being leaked in the press, particuarly anti-IED tools:

Earlier this year, a newspaper published details of a new anti-IED technology that was being developed. Within five days of the publication – using details from that article – the enemy had posted instructions for defeating this new technology on the Internet. We cannot let the enemy know how we’re working to defeat him.

Ok, almost sounds reasonable. But this is Bush we’re speaking of. What is he leaving out?

The Times spoke to several Defense Department officials before the article appeared. None expressed concern that publication could endanger U.S. troops…Before Bush mentioned the report Monday, no U.S. officials had contacted The Times to raise those concerns.

Ok, turns out he left out a few things. First, the fact that noone who matters cared if the information was in the paper, the paper checked. And the information had been in the press months before the Times printed it. And lastly, and most importantly?

The shit isn’t even in Iraq yet! Yup, Mr. Big Talk (read: Katrina, GWOT Inc, etc) hasn’t bothered to make sure this vital tool is deployed 10 months after it was declared ready.

Again, I don’t know why this sort of crap still rankles me, 5 years down the road. We should all know by now that our country is led by a team of pathelogical liars. And as TTP has always said:

If you have to lie to make your point, you don’t have a point to make.

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