Truth to Power


The United States is governed by a criminal organization.

One could cite numerous validations of this statement, and in fact, doing so has been the primary motivation of this blog since day one. Some of the items posted here may well be open to interpretation (although not by a reasonable person, IMHO.) but in some cases, there is no room for wiggle- a law exists, and someone broke it. When the criminal also happens to be an elected official, then the situation becomes more problematic, because the rule of law, the leading tenet of justice in our system, has been abandoned.

When the ruling party decides to disregard the laws under which it is chartered, you have no choice but to admit that these people are criminals- but criminals that in any real sense are unpunishable. For example:

Republican senators insert a deceptive “debate” into the Congressional Record, and then use this fabricated missive in a brief to the SCOTUS stating that the court has no jurisdiction into the matter of detainees in Gitmo.

The president signs a budget knowing that it wasn’t the version voted on in the House– which is unconstitutional- but refuses to send it back to Congress, where a new vote would entail reopening debate- a debate the ruling party might lose.

And finally, the illegal wiretapping of American citizens, in violation of numerous laws, and freely admitted to by the president.

So, where does this leave us? When the people who supposedly are the law in this country don’t follow it, exactly who is going to arrest them? More simply put, who watches the watchers?

As I said during Katrina, we’re on our own. We owe no allegiance to any criminal regime. We cannot debate nor convict them, because they are operating under rules we can’t see, and motivated by forces we can’t understand. What becomes of this?

Hopefully not this.

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