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Chip Dolan

Chip Dolan

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Singer/songwriter Chip Dolan is of a different stripe than contemporary male solo artists like John Mayer, who is often cloned. Dolan belongs to an older generation, one that is uninterested in vague lyrics or a self-consciously “hip” groove. There is a tropical rock flavor to some of Dolan’s stuff that is reminiscent of Jimmy Buffett and his friend Bertie Higgins of “Key Largo” fame (remember him?).

Dolan’s songs do not remind listeners of experiences as much as places. That he would have a track called “Baton Rouge” is not a shock. And then there’s “Paris,” which really takes you to that beloved city.

Since Billy Joel retired from pop over a decade ago, there has been a void that has yet to be filled. The kind of piano-laden storytelling that Joel did so effortlessly is nearly extinct now. The power of Joel’s songs came as much from his words — his ability to tell tales — as it did in his empathetic vocal delivery and uncluttered arrangements.

If you’re looking for post-modern irony, you won’t find it here. But simple pleasures abound, so sit back and enjoy.

Chip Dolan:

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