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Jimmy Eat World

Jimmy Eat World



Emo favorites Jimmy Eat World hit pay dirt with their previous album, Bleed American, and the impressive Futures looks set to be even more of a success story.

The opening title track, with its crisp production and instant melody has all the confidence and swagger of a band on the crest of a wave, and the brilliance of “Just Tonight” and “Work” confirms the band’s current status emphatically. The razor-sharp “Pain” raises the tempo before the rocking “Nothingwrong” cranks the amps up even higher. But perhaps the highlight of Futures is the experimental duo of “23” and “Night Drive” that close out the album.

Having achieved such dizzy heights on Futures and Bleed American, the pressure will be on the band to repeat the formula next time around. But for now, fans can savor an album that marks out Jimmy Eat World as undisputed kings of the emo genre.

Jimmy Eat World: www.jimmyeatworld.com

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