John Kelley

John Kelley

John Kelley

A Night In The Park

Ball of Wax

I always associate drum and bass with that feeling you get after drinking to much Robitussin. West coast DJ John Kelley captures that feeling with his interesting mix of broken beats and electronic hip-hop. “Hard Tech-Hop” is what the press release calls it, but I find that just a bit to cutie-pie. He opens with a nice upbeat techno number, “A Night In The Park,” but then those yummy cough suppressants kick in and by the end of “Eighty Eight” things feel a little more downbeat. By track three, “Dessert Days,” we settle into a solid sound groove of drum and bass-influenced dance music. It’s solid, conceptually clean and should show up in clubs where dancing is allowed, but not required, where emaciated people sit in dark corners worrying about global warming and the MTV video awards.

Ball of Wax:

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