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Out Of Exile


Audioslave was supposed to be merely a side project, but the success of the band’s 2002 debut led former Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell and Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello to begin work on the follow-up, Out of Exile. The end result is a highly satisfying and focused set of tunes that both recall and build on the duo’s best work with their respective former bands. The classic rock groove of “Your Time Has Come” opens Out Of Exile impressively, before the title track hypnotizes with a repeated guitar lick and some trademark powerful vocals from Cornell. The ferocious “Drown Me Slowly” is dark and brooding lyrically, but this is countered with the relatively bright melodies of “Dandelion” and the rousing chorus of the album’s standout track, “Be Yourself.”

With a flawless, crisp production from Brendan O’Brien and some truly excellent alternative rock, Out of Exile sees Audioslave make the transition from side project to fully-fledged supergroup where the end result justifies the hype. Here’s hoping for album number three…


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