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Did they steal another one?

The electronic Diebold voting systems used in the special run-off election last week for California’s 50th U.S. House district were effectively ‘decertified’ and invalidated for use in the election after massive security breaches in the storage of those systems were sanctioned by the San Diego County Registrar of Voters, The BRAD BLOG can now conclude.

Based on the review of several different very specific state and federal requirements, laws and provisions, the unsecured overnight storage of Diebold voting machines and their memory cards in poll workers houses, cars and garages in the days and weeks prior to the closely watched election between Republican Brian Bilbray and Democrat Francine Busby violated several federal and state provisions which, if not followed, would revoke the certification of use for the voting systems in any California election.</i>

This is madness. In a special election to fill the seat of former republican congresscrook Duke Cunningham (he can’t fill the seat anymore, ‘cause his ass is in jail for 8 years), the GOP candidate “wins” by around 4000 votes. Votes cast on machines that were, according to state and federal law, uncertified. The secretary of state of California “isn’t concerned”. Oh yeah, btw, he’s a republican too, surprise surprise.

Oh, it gets better. The race wasn’t even certified official at the point that Bilbray was sworn into Congress. These people have no shame.

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