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Travis Terry

Travis Terry


Beautiful Landscapes

Navajoland is an intriguing collaboration between a photographer and a musician. The photographer is Alain Briot. Briot has spent years photographing the natural beauty of the American Southwest. Many of the photos are of the areas in New Mexico and Arizona that make up the Navajo reservation. When he put together a portfolio of his Navajoland pictures, he included Travis Terry’s first CD as part of the package. To Alain, Terry and his music are as much a part of the landscape as the canyons, rocks and sky.

This CD began as the soundtrack to a DVD of Briot’s images. The two artists collaborated in developing the music. Photographs suggested titles, which suggested music, which became the soundtrack. But the music is more than just a soundtrack. Terry’s native flute improvisations are works of art in their own right. The haunting melodies suggest the beauty of landscapes you cannot see. Navajoland makes a great CD for chilling out or meditating. If you choose to bring it along on an iPod, the tunes could become your personal soundtrack to the Everglades or Battery Park. After all, beauty is where you find it.

Beautiful Landscapes:

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